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Music Provocations!

As the final assignment for our Kindergarten class, we had the opportunity to create a provocation table that could enable children to think about and to begin to direct their own learning. Being raised in a family of musicians, I have always had a great love and appreciation for music. I remember my Kindergarten teacher telling us to create a provocation (or lessons in general) based on a topic that we are passionate about so I decided to have the students explore musical instruments and how they create sound. 


The provocation table included a poster board with photos of different instruments that students may have previously encountered. I also included a copy of the book Music Around the World by Brad Shank as well as the lyrics to “Shake your Maraca.” When using this in the classroom I would also have the song softly playing in the background. Additionally, I included real instruments for the children to play with (ukulele and maracas). The students would also be provided with rubber bands, plastic beads, paper cups and lids. Using the real instruments, photos, book and instrument sounds from “Shake Your Maraca” students would attempt to make sound and create their own instruments (e.g. placing beads inside of a cup and shaking the cup will replicate the sound of a maraca).


From this assignment, I learned about the importance and value of creating lessons based on topics that you, as a teacher, are passionate about. I now recognize that it is vital to show the students that you genuinely care about the material and to make sure that they feel a part of what they are learning. For this music provocation table, this can be accomplished by something as simple as telling the students that they are all musicians! 


I look forward to implementing provocations such as this one into future Kindergarten classrooms that I work in. Due to the fact that this is a very hands-on learning experience, it will be important to take steps to make sure that all students are getting equal opportunity to participate. Additionally, it will be vital to document the learning (through taking photos, videos and notes) for future reference in regard to what aspects of the lesson went well and what could be altered. As I reflect on this assignment, I realize that it was a wonderful learning experience. It reinforces the importance of hands-on learning and would allow students to feel a sense of empowerment in their learning. 

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