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Mindful Moments

Deepak Chopra Mindfulness App

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“Your intention to serve your students is the greatest gift you can offer.” 


This quote from the “Intentions for Teachers” meditation on the Deepak Chopra Mindfulness App (pictured above) really resonated with me. Our schools educate students’ minds with knowledge and the physical body through gym and DPA but I believe that we also need to focus on emotional intelligence as it sets the framework for success in every aspect of one's life. As educators, I believe that we need to find ways to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into our classrooms on a daily basis - I wish that I had found mindfulness and meditation at a young age. Recently I came across this mindfulness app and thought it would be a great resource to use in my future classrooms. There is a section of the app that is specifically created by teachers for teachers and students, that can be used to help students stay motivated and grounded throughout the day. There are so many wonderful meditations that vary in length and can be used sporadically throughout the day or even for an entire unit on mindfulness. 


As I have learned from my experiences working in the classroom, teaching is a joyful and rewarding job but there are also days that can be very challenging and stressful for the educators as well as the students. Sometimes we get so lost in what has happened in the past (such as a fight at recess) or what will happen in the future (such as nerves for a big test) that we lose the precious moments that are right in front of us. This mindfulness app includes meditations for all different types of scenarios that teachers and students might face but overall it teaches us about being in the moment and, becoming settled and grounded and about setting intentions for the day (e.g. my friend and I will forgive each other for fighting or I am going to do great on my big test). Mindfulness teaches us to appreciate each moment and have gratitude for all we have and what is happening right now and right here - we can teach students that the small moments are what make life so incredible. 


Additionally, mindfulness is a great way to teach children about self-love, conflict resolution and stress-management. The meditations found in this app remind children that their feelings are valid and teach that once we accept how we feel we can move forward. Mindfulness helps us get through challenges with kindness and compassion. Including these meditations can also help children who may have a stressful home life, that they carry with them into the classroom, to relax and recognize that school is a safe place for them. 


What I have realized so far in my time teaching Dance and working in a few classroom settings is that an important part of being an effective educator is being authentic. Mindfulness is something that we cannot just teach, we have to live it and experience it for ourselves in order to teach it authentically. This is why I love this Chopra mindfulness app - it recognizes that teachers need moments to relax and breathe just as much as the students do. In order to be a great role model for my future students I am dedicated to learning to cope with challenges and to have strategies to stay grounded and know that we can accomplish anything with kindness, empathy and self-love.

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