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Sending Holiday Wishes to Tudhope Manor


During the week before winter break my associate teacher and I had the students create holiday cards and write a nice message to the residents at one of the local retirement residences. We later delivered the letter to the retirement home. This activity truly touched my heart! The students had so much empathy for the residents who might be alone during this past holiday season because of the Covid-19 restrictions. One of the students even suggested ways that they can stay connected to their family and friends during these hard times - this student certainly went above and beyond. I hope that these kind messages put a smile on the residents’ faces!    


The class and I worked together to brainstorm some other messages that we could send out and wrote key words on the board. The activity was quite challenging to students who still struggle with their fine motor skills as the lines they were given to write on were a lot smaller than usual. Many of the students rose to the challenge and displayed beautiful handwriting. Although there was a bit of uncertainty the students were incredibly proud when they saw the outcome of their hard work and determination.  In the future I would like to set aside time to work one-on-one with the students who struggle with their handwriting and help them with techniques to write in the lines and to keep their letters legible. 

Finally, I had students use stickers, crayons and markers to illustrate their work. It was so nice to see their personal Art styles and originality shine through. Overall, this was a great experience and I was so impressed by the students’ hard work and the kindness they showed to those at the retirement home. 

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